Creating a new document- Here in the starting parts we see all of the document presets InDesign gives us as templates to choose from. Creating and saving custom document settings- In this section, we use and modify one of the presets they give us and make it our own, choosing the different bleeds, margin and … More InDesign-L3


Getting Started– Introduced to the postcard we will continue to work on. Viewing Guides– Here we set-up our document for us to work on by adding some guides that will help us along the way. Adding Text– In this section we started to revise some parts of the text given on the document, changing words … More InDesign-L2

Adobe InDesign-L1

Getting Started- Opening up the document Looking At The Workspace- Observing the new workspace of InDesign Selecting and Using Tools- Showing how to select and use certain tools from the Tools Bar, including type, hand, line, rectangular frame and a couple more. Reviewing The Control Panel- Looking at the top panel of the workspace and … More Adobe InDesign-L1


Creating this image was actually very easy to follow and very basic in terms or shapes, tools and techniques used. Using the pen tool to make all of the flowers and using the blend options to our advantage for such beautiful pedals. It was pretty cool being able to do a different color for the … More Lilypad


This assignment was a struggle. I didn’t understand the instructions very clearly because of how vague it was causing me to fall back and be stuck on it. Here we mostly diddled with making and using brushes. I had a very hard time using all the gradients and blending tools. I got a taste on … More Jellyfish


This yeti took a little longer than anticipated but it was exciting seeing it all come together. Here we used our ellipse and rectangle tools to create necessary shapes like the mouth, cheeks, and belly. We also had to use a little of our own magic and use the pen tool to create the arms, … More Yeti

Basketball Cartoon

During this exercise we messed around with mainly shapes. We used the ellipse and rectangle tools to create most of the body and manipulated them using tools like the shape-builder and knife. The way we created the curly hair was just using the spiral tool then using the width tool to make them thicker. I … More Basketball Cartoon